Initial Consultation

Regardless of the type of employee advocacy that you go on to require, the process always begins with an initial telephone consultation which is free of charge. During this conversation, it is determined whether or not it would be appropriate to meet (by telephone or video call) for full and formal discussion of the complaint. The initial free consultation will be at least 20 minutes.

If it is determined that we may be able to help you, your case will require further discussion and review which is what we refer to as case assessment

Case assessment will involve a discussion in greater detail about the employment matter of concern. The advocate will review the circumstances of the case, and any documents that potential clients submit in support of their complaint, which will help us determine whether and if so what type of employee advocacy is appropriate. The advocate reserves the right to refuse to offer any employee advocacy services which they feel may not be within the organisation's remit of experience or skill base, or which may not be compatible with its purpose and/or ethos. If it is appropriate to proceed, an action plan will be outlined with consideration of your specific needs and desired outcomes. There is a fee for this assessment.



Payment will be required at the start of each stage in either the employee advocacy process. Our fees are highly competitive compared to solicitors. These fees are also pre-set and capped, which means that you will always know in advance how much each stage will cost. Payment may be made in instalments as agreed with the advocate. For more general information about legal fees, please visit the Legal Ombudsman


'The aim of advocacy will always be to resolve matters amicably with the best possible outcome for our clients.'

Employee Advocacy Process

Once the employee advocacy process has been determined and commenced, it will involve extensive written and electronic communications with all relevant parties. Your representative may be able to attend meetings with you by video where arranged and appropriate. You will be kept fully apprised of all developments and no actions will be taken on your behalf without your knowledge and consent. The aim of employee advocacy will always be to resolve matters amicably with the best possible outcome for our clients. You may discontinue the process at any time.