Our employee advocacy consists of the following services:

  • Case Assessments

  • Settlement Agreements

  • NMC Fitness to Practice Investigations / Hearings

  • Employment Tribunal Representation 

  • Arbitration Referral

Case Assessments

This service includes telephone or video consultation with a review of your supporting documents to determine whether your employment matter has legal merit and can be pursued at Employment Tribunal.

Settlement Agreements

These agreements are usually offered by employers but can be suggested by workers who have been treated unlawfully and could take their case to Employment Tribunal. Employers offer or accept settlement agreements to ensure that cases do not proceed to court. Settlement agreements are different from settlements that take place during Employment Tribunal proceedings before final hearing; these settlements are referred to as COT3 agreements.


Our legal service helps you to understand and negotiate the terms of a settlement agreement that has been offered to you. Alternatively, we can draft an agreement for you to offer to your employer. 

NMC Fitness to Practice Investigations / Hearings

Nurses and midwives can be referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) when allegations have been raised (by either employers or members of the public) about their conduct. If the NMC considers an allegation to be a serious enough breach of the NMC Code, a nurse/midwife will be subject to a Fitness to Practice Investigation which will take place according to the legislative stipulations of The Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001. This may progress to a hearing.


This is a unique legal process that requires expert knowledge of nursing and midwifery practice and the NMC Fitness to Practice process. We are able to provide high quality legal support for nurses or midwives who require this. 

'Our legal service helps you to understand and negotiate the terms of a settlement agreement that has been offered to you.'

Employment Tribunal Representation

This service provides legal representation during Employment Tribunal proceedings. The service provided is exactly the same as that which is provided by a solicitor and all activities undertaken are as standard in accordance with Employment Tribunal Rules of Procedure 2013. 


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (referral only)

ADR is an effective, cost-saving range of resolution processes including mediation, conciliation and arbitration. It is a much quicker alternative to Employment Tribunal and is handled impartially and confidentially. If you have been treated unlawfully by your employer, you can invite them to engage in ADR. Visit the Humane Resources Independent Employment Dispute Solutions website and review their Alternative Dispute Resolution to learn more and forward the page link to your employer.