Who we are...

AEAhsc serves health and social care employees residing in England. 

We are a regulated paralegal service certified to practise in employment law. We are registered with the Professional Paralegal Register and Institute of Paralegals. (For more information on the definition of a paralegal, please click here.) We provide legal advice regarding employment rights and where necessary and appropriate, we provide legal representation during investigative and/or legal proceedings. We are a private organisation and do not receive funding from the government, any other body or business. 

We are EXPERIENCED SPECIALISTS in the health and social care public sector with extensive knowledge of the NHS and local authority health and care services, operations and structures. We function in tandem with Advocacy for Health and Social Care Professionals Union and remain up to date with the most important developments, trends, problems and policy implementations in this sector. We support both members and non-members of this union. We represent health and care staff from a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds and have successfully obtained positive outcomes, including compensation, for our clients. We are skilled in supporting employees experiencing various issues, such as grievances, disciplinaries, unfair (including constructive) dismissal, unlawful deduction of wages, different types of discrimination, breach of contract, a change in role following TUPE, and much more. 

Why You Need Us...

Facing issues at work can be extremely daunting, frightening and isolating. Our aim is to come alongside you so that you don't have to endure this circumstance alone. When a health and social care professional faces a problem in the workplace, we provide personalised support for your employment-related complaint, advocating by communicating with your employer (or any other relevant party) on your behalf with the aim of achieving successful resolution.  If you are unable to reach a suitable resolution in the workplace and your employment terminates, we can support you at employment tribunal if you so desire. 

Cost-Effective Support...

We are pleased to say that the cost of our specialist paralegal services are extremely competitive compared to standard solicitors' services. Here's why:

  • Despite providing a less personal service for a shorter period of time than us, standard solicitors' fees for employment tribunal representation can easily start at £10,000 and exceed £30,000.

  • Unlike solicitors’ fees, our costs are pre-set and capped, which means that they are set in advance regardless of the complexity of your case which may emerge over time. 


Aside from the cost-effectiveness of using our employee advocacy services, the fact that we are paralegals and not solicitors means that your employer is more likely to engage with us.

'...we provide personalised support for your employment-related complaint...'

'We provide personalised support for your employment-related complaint...'

Passionate about the public sector...

We understand the vital role of public sector health and social care, which is accessed by the majority of people who reside in the UK. It is therefore essential that the interests of health and social care professionals are treated as paramount and that their voices and needs are central in the development of health and social care policy and practice. We exist to ensure that those voices and needs are amplified.  The core principles which drive our work are the same as those underpinning the health and social care sector - individuality, choice, privacy, independence, dignity, respect and partnership. 

Advocating for professional carers...

We know that the day-to-day care-related challenges of health and social care professionals can be overwhelming. In addition to significantly increased demand for service provision there are issues within health and social care culture that are severely impacting their wellbeing and standards of working. Recent research indicates that these issues include workplace stress, bullying, harassment and sometimes unfair managerial practices. We are therefore committed to advocating for you while you advocate for your service users.