Unions generally work on behalf of employees as a whole within a trade. However, many employees find it difficult to obtain union support when they are faced with a problem as an individual.  


It is our view that health and social care employees often need support most when they are on the ground in the day-to-day capacity of their individual roles. Employee advocacy plays a significant role in the resolution of problems that individual employees face in these circumstances which otherwise have not been resolved. Our expertise in employee advocacy makes AEAhsc uniquely relevant to the needs of the modern health and social care worker. Learn more...


We work in affiliation with Advocacy for Health and Social Care Professionals (AHSCP) Union to ensure that employees are supported holistically - both personally in their roles and in their overall profession. Union members are eligible for a discount for advocacy support.


We are excited to be at the forefront in the empowerment of HSC professionals. Contact us today!



'I was introduced to this service by a colleague and on meeting my advocate, immediately felt a sense of relief. Here was a wonderful individual who is honest, professional, has integrity, has abundant knowledge of their work. I was despondent, scared for both my future and my profession and all that was dampened down by how my advocate approached my situation. Knowing that someone is guiding you through a process, is honest with you and keeps you updated only enhances one's confidence and trust in the person.'  SYLVIA (Nurse/Midwife - Hertfordshire)

'When I first heard about employee advocacy, I was at my wit's end. I had some major employment issues going on that I couldn’t solve, nor could I find the appropriate assistance, and it had truly worn me down.  This service has not only been a great support for me emotionally, but my advocate exhibited outstanding knowledge, expertise and tenacity whilst dealing with my case. I was totatelly satisfied with her representation.  Standing up for yourself in difficulties can be very daunting my advocate's kind nature and encouragement helps to alleviate the burden.  Although my case is still ongoing I have so much peace now because my views have been heard. I have peace knowing that I didn’t settle, and I would encourage anyone who has something to say but doesn’t quite know how to say it, to use employment advocacy as it was the best decision I made for me and my family.'  ANITA (Nurse/Midwife - Harrow)

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